Our partnership proposal to attract investors

In this article, I will introduce you to the potential of advertising and attracting capital in an attractive way

In Iran, people are very interested in various investments and always welcome these investments

We know that you would also like to take advantage of Iran. We help you reach a great goal in Iran and be comfortable thinking about raising capital

You can leave this responsibility to us and we will work with you in this regard

Our team consists of five experts in the field of raising capital, and I give you the following suggestions.

1- Writing an article in Persian language and producing appropriate content and publishing it on our site, which is also at the top in Google Persian($ 500 per article)

2- Placing an advertising banner on the site (cost $ 250)

3- Smart click ads on famous Iranian sites with present by our team

(Monthly fee $ 1,000)

4- Making and publishing introductory and educational videos for using your services

($ 750)

4- Creating and managing an Instagram page for you in Persian, as well as special Instagram ads for you for a month on the most visited Persian Instagram pages ($ 800 per month)

5- Managing the Persian Telegram channel and group for you, as well as advising the Telegram audience to introduce you ($ 300 per month)

Discounted basket

Two Persian articles and publishing on the site (permanent) + Making a video (permanent) + Instagram management (for two months) + Telegram management (for two months) = 2450 dollars

We will start our work immediately after the contract

Contact us in this regard

WhatsApp +989309780520

Telegram +989309780520 or @R90fx

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